Bourgogne Aligoté


Dégustation :

Aligoté must explode on your tongue; it must wake up your taste buds and make you salivate. 50% from Chamilly, 50% from Buxy. Who does not know a good Aligoté does not know Burgundy !


Élaboration :

Harvest and grape selection done by hand and transported in small boxes to the cellar.
The ‘must’ is racked after settling for 12 to 24 hours. The fermentation is temperature controlled.
Fermentation and ageing is done in Burgundian oak barrels. The wine is filtered before bottling.


Food and Wines pairing :

Traditionally Aligoté is drunk with a touch of Crème de Cassis from Dijon. However, it is also drunk as an apéritif with no additions or accompanying a plate of seafood.

Soil type: Clay-chalk (marl)

Exposition : South

Altitude : 260 m et 360 m

Grape variety : Aligoté

Age of the vine : 70 years old

Vineyard size : 1.5 hectares

Average yield : 55 hl/ha

Production moyenne :  14 000 Blles

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